About us

We founded the law firm in 2002, convinced that we can make a contribution to positive law, to the law that changes things for the better. We invested in passion and talents, and the result was as such. But we owe the success to our ambition and equally to our clients.

Each client is a new challenge, a chance to make good things again. Innovation and perseverance have created during the years experience, and experience has helped us to understand how we can achieve what is right.

Good and right (boni et aequi) is our motto, and in this spirit we educate young talents. In this way we strongly believe that justice can evolve.

Therefore we challenge constantly our business model, from how we recruit talents, to how we develop the right skills to meet our clients needs, to provide high level results and deliver them effectively, respecting the law. In essence, we constantly redefine the role of strategic advisors.

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